What we do sounds interesting? Let’s get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re working on similar issues or in related fields (or plan to do so). If you’re a student, e.g., looking for a thesis topic or supervisor, or if you’re a Ph.D. student or researcher interested in collaborating with us, please find more information below or drop us a mail.

We’re also hiring: Ph.D. position (50-100%) and research assistant (backend, Python).

Join as a student

Interested in one of our research areas, whether it is computer science, computational linguistics, political science, sociology, or related disciplines? We offer various topics you can choose from for your Bachelor or Master thesis!

Research abroad & other benefits

When joining us, you will receive 1:1 mentorship by one of our PostDocs or Ph.D. students. Further, due to our collaborations in various countries, it might also be possible that you can work on your thesis as part of a paid research internship abroad. Some of our previous students have worked at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, the HP Research Lab in Palo Alto (California), or the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose (California).

Projects and your own ideas

We constantly update the projects and research ideas that we offer. An outdated but exemplary overview can be found here. For more information, especially on current topics or if you already have a specific project idea in mind, please contact us.


If you are not sure whether your university allows that you are supervised by an external mentor but are interested in working with us or on one of our topics, simply contact us. In the past, we’ve always been able to make things work 🙂 If your university requires you to work on a (usually practical) student project prior to your thesis or independently of your thesis – that’s also possible with us.